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Shopping for Trade Show Displays

With all the options out there, choosing a trade show company to work with can be a tough task. Should you go with the cheapest option? Should you go with a name brand? Who do you trust and what are the consequences of making the wrong choice? These are all very important questions and there … Continue reading

Trade Show Exhibitor Resource

Trade Show Advice is a free resource for trade show exhibitors to use in preparation for their upcoming trade shows. If you can’t find the answer to any of your trade show display questions please leave a comment or email us so we can address your question and improve this site.

Keep it Simple

Your company does a lot of things. And it does them well. Figuring out what you should emphasize on your trade show displays and graphics can be tricky, but the key is simplicity. More than likely, you will have to outsource the design of your graphics unless you are pretty handy with creative software.  Designers … Continue reading

What is “Large Format Printing?”

What is Large Format Printing? Exactly what is sounds like. But it’s not quite as simple as you might think. When printing from your home computer, you can can drag a photo from the internet or Facebook into Word for your Christmas Newsletter and get the job done.  Working with large format graphics on the … Continue reading

Plan Ahead

If your company is planning to attend a trade show and you need top-to-bottom work done on your display systems, from exhibit consultation, to design work to manufacturing and shipping, don’t wait till the last minute. Though fairly obvious, many companies often call at 2pm on a Thursday and need something by 10am Friday. Most … Continue reading

Custom Design

Sometimes you may need your display system to really knock people off of their feet. Whether it is for a trade show, for a point of purchase display or a kiosk for your business front, organizations, or church, an out of the box display may not be right for you. Getting something unique can be … Continue reading

Marketing Your Brand

When promoting your brand, its important to consider multiple mediums through which to deliver your company’s message.  With the growth of the internet over the last decade, social networking has placed itself at the front of the pack for effective marketing. There is more to the story, however, than just having a Facebook account. Between … Continue reading

Dye Sublimation

You may have heard your trade show product sales representative rattle off multiple printing options for you including “Dye Sublimation” or “Dye Sub” for short. What does that mean? Dye Sublimation is a special printing process that involves heating inks directly into gasses that then solidify on their medium. This is different than your average … Continue reading

How does it work?

When preparing for your company’s trade show event, have you ever wondered how your initial design concepts go from just an idea to a beautiful display? The first thing you need to do is identify who you are targeting and how you want reach them. Then choose a trade show production company that will help … Continue reading

File Size – Bigger Is NOT Better

When sending your artwork to the printers, its pretty difficult for them to manage massive files. It’s difficult to transport them, upload them, and work with them. I recently had a client who sent a me a massive 5 GB PSD file.  No work needed to be done – it was ready to print as … Continue reading