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What is Resolution?

When printing large-format graphics, it’s extremely important to always consider the resolution of the photos and images used in the design. What is resolution? Now that most everything is shot with digital cameras, every picture is made up of little pixels divided into rows and columns. The more pixels there are in a photo, the … Continue reading


Keep it Simple

With ads on every street corner, 8 minutes of every half-hour show dedicated to commercials, and click-throughs on every website its increasingly more difficult to grab a potential customer’s attention. The same applies for displays at trade show events and storefronts. Despite what we may have learned in second grade about not judging a book … Continue reading

How Soon is Too Soon?

How do you know how far in advance to purchase your next trade show display or new set of replacement graphics for your next show? All to often attendees wait until the last possible time to purchase their trade show booth. It then ends up costing additional rush fees, headaches, and missed deadlines due to … Continue reading

General Trade Show Advice

Advice about various aspects of trade show booths and trade show graphics Continue reading

Free Trade Show Advice

This is a new site dedicated to offering free trade show advice. If there is anything you would like to know about trade show displays, just leave a comment.