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How Soon is Too Soon?

How do you know how far in advance to purchase your next trade show display or new set of replacement graphics for your next show? All to often attendees wait until the last possible time to purchase their trade show booth. It then ends up costing additional rush fees, headaches, and missed deadlines due to uncontrollable shipping delays due to weather or getting misplaced in transit.

Another thing to think about is that in the slower Summer months many trade show supply companies are willing to cut better deals or offer additional promotions. The savvy trade show attendee will plan ahead and take advantage of these times to purchase their trade show booth at possibly a reduced rate and a more reasonable time frame.

Shipping can be extremely expensive and the difference between next day air versus ground can literally be thousands of dollars for large trade show displays. If you have run out of time and you are forced to use expedited shipping, you are basically just giving away your money.

Worried about where you will store your display if you purchase it early? Well on top of the fact that most trade show displays are designed to break down to fit in a case that is essentially as large as an over sized suitcase, several companies offer storage for a reasonable price (typically $50 a month per palette). There are also several other options for storage, but those may cost more money.

So don’t be afraid to plan ahead and purchase your trade show booth or replacement graphics well in advance of your next show. With a little bit of planning you can save time and money and avoid the possibility of a potential shipping disaster resulting from a last minute job!



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