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Marketing Your Brand

When promoting your brand, its important to consider multiple mediums through which to deliver your company’s message.  With the growth of the internet over the last decade, social networking has placed itself at the front of the pack for effective marketing.

There is more to the story, however, than just having a Facebook account. Between social networking, online ads, print ads, your company website, trade shows, and television ads, companies need to consider spreading their marketing money and time among all of these…

Here are some basic tips on how to effectively promote your brand.

  • Marketing is not a one-time thing; this must be done daily and often.
  • Utilize free tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to compliment the sources that cost.  Update all of these frequently. Use creative methods to gain followers. For example, try implementing a giveaway challenge via Facebook, thus allowing your followers to participate in your marketing campaign.
  • Spend your trade show dollars wisely. This is an extremely important piece of the puzzle. Look into trade show items that can be re-used and re-purposed. Find something with detachable graphics or multiple ways to build the display giving the product a fresh look while saving money.
  • Update your company website often with new information. This will help your search engine rank, and will keep you from appearing stale to the customer.
  • When spending advertising dollars, be sure that the print, television, or online mediums are actually reaching your target audience. Trying to advertise leather chaps and motorcycling apparel on a bicycling (as in Tour de France, pedal, pedal..) news website won’t get you very far.

Rinse and Repeat!



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