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File Size – Bigger Is NOT Better

When sending your artwork to the printers, its pretty difficult for them to manage massive files. It’s difficult to transport them, upload them, and work with them.

I recently had a client who sent a me a massive 5 GB PSD file.  No work needed to be done – it was ready to print as it was. When I opened it, it crashed my computer and any modification in the file took quite a bit of time.

The best way to save a ton of space in this case would be to flatten the image and save it out as a high res Jpeg. Dramatically reduces the size and speeds up the printing process.

If you are working with multiple photos and images its best to package everything together in a program like InDesign, rather than embedding all of the images into one massive PSD file.

Of course if you’re not intending to design anything at all and you are seeking professional design, most trade show companies have an in-house designer to help you with your needs.

Tips to Remember:

– Massive PSD Files are really difficult to manage.

– Package InDesign files

– Send us native artwork for Illustrator and InDesign files.

– Major accepted formats:

  • .INDD – Highly Recommended
  • .IA or EPS – Good for smaller files
  • .TIF
  • .JPG
  • .PSD – I don’t recommend this for layout
  • .PDF – do not include printer marks




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