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How does it work?

When preparing for your company’s trade show event, have you ever wondered how your initial design concepts go from just an idea to a beautiful display?

The first thing you need to do is identify who you are targeting and how you want reach them. Then choose a trade show production company that will help you quickly and effectively meet those needs.

Once you select a producer, you will be put in touch with their graphics department. Most of these companies have extremely talented designers who can either tweak or assist with your design, or build something from scratch. Though there are generally extra fees when using an in-house designer, the expertise they offer more than pays for it self. With that experience and outside perspective, designers can create something in no time saving you money in the long run (while you work on what you are good at.)

Once the graphics are approved, the files are immediately sent to production and queued up behind preceding orders. In the case of a 4-Panel back wall display, the files are sent to a production manager who gets the printers laying ink on high quality material. As its printing, the production manager makes sure there are no defects with ink or the material.

Once we’re through the printing phase, graphics are sent through a laminate machine that coats the graphics with a tough, scratch resistant material to improve their lifespan.  This two-person job can be tricky but moves quickly. A production specialist will then take the raw laminated sheets and add the finishing touches, trimming them to the right sizes, adding magnets and testing the prints to make sure that each one lines up the way it’s supposed to.





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