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Spend More To Save More

Buying a trade show display in the current economy can be a long process, especially when researching the hundreds of options from different online companies. In the last five years alone, online competition in the trade show display market have more than tripled. The market is saturated with all kinds of companies, from one-man operations to full fledged custom exhibit houses. It makes for a well-developed and competitive marketplace, giving buyers the ability to research and determine exactly what they need and bargain for the price they want.

When shopping for a display, the best advice anyone can get is, “you get what you pay for.”

And it’s true.

Low prices are so tempting. But it’s important to remember what a trade show display is for. Ultimately it becomes the face of the company. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people will see it. Marketing staff will need to be able to set it up without running into issues. And the display should be able to last for more than a few shows. Ideally it will last all year, whether it’s used at five shows, or twenty-five.

The sad truth about the low prices for trade show displays found online is that most are foreign made with extremely low-quality components. Most will break after an initial use or during transit, and warranties are non-existent or impossible to redeem when needed.

In order to really save more on the next trade show display purchase, a strong investment must be made. Investing in a solid trade show booth that is American made, using high-quality materials and production processes will ensure successful implementation at trade shows for years to come. The key is considering where the needs will be in the future. Will graphics need to be updated? Will the booth size change? Will different shows be for different markets, requiring different artwork for each? Does the display allow for these kinds of needs to be met?

Besides a monetary investment, one must put in the time to do the necessary research. With enough effort, it is not unlikely to find the display solution that meets every criteria. And when that display can be found, it just might be the last one you ever purchase.



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